Shreding can apply twice

I fire on an hatching sentinel in the head with an hell cannon.
sentinel had 340 HP and 20 armor on the head.
The hell cannon do 180 damage and 10 shreding.

When hitten I saw 20 shreding. When I look on the sentinel, it lost 160 damage and had 0 armor on the head. 160 damage means that the sentinel had 20 armor. This is not a display bug. The sentinel lost 20 armor instead of 10.

I remenber another rmission where I got hit by a grenade (60 damage and 3 shreding). My guy lost 166 HP and had the head and both arms diseabled. When I look on his page to see the damage it had 6 armor remaining on the head and 8 on each arm and body. He lost 12 armor per body part instead of 3 per body part.

I didn’t understand at first. It looked like the grenade had shred 4 times. I just had 2 bugs. Grenades explode twice when a direct hit happen and shreding can apply twice sometimes.I just take slighly more damage:

nearly 4 times more damage, 4 times more shredding and three body part disable. No wonder why the artillery chiron can be so dangerous.

I fire on another sentinel with the hell cannon.

10 armor on the head and 20 on other part. I hit the head and the sentinel have lost 30 armor. When I look, the sentinel lost health on the ehad but both the head and the middle part have lost all armor.