Patch 0.3.32564


Right up there with the Time Remaining counter that counts down 5 seconds, then adds a minute and 3 seconds, rinse and repeat.


I had to run the launcher in administrator mode for it to not close itself, but then it apllied the 22mb patch and was slow at 97% and i waited…and then after that it immediatelly started downloading the whole game again on its own ! all 3217 mb …great ! now i have to wait a lot…


Double check that your anti-virus has an exception for PP folder, or turn it off during install


Read above, forgot to hit reply


A large number of the bugfixes apparently fixed in this version still apply (and actually seem worse). Does anyone else get this still? I did start a couple of new games as I’d gone as far as I could in the other version which actually ran far better than this one.

I’ve been reporting the frequent crashes and so on (can’t move over destroyed ground, can’t move after firing grenades, etc) but wondered if there’s much point any more.

When’s the next build scheduled for? The roadmap doesn’t give any indication and I’ve not heard/seen anything about it yet.


Any news about recent update to version 0.3.32990? :slight_smile:


It was so stealthy, even I wasn’t told about it.


That’s pretty low observable…