Patch 0.3.32564


thank you for clarifying this!


Nice work guys :+1:

5 more hours until shift finishes! and counting.


I have some problems with this update: I tried downloading it a couple of times, but the launcher just closed itself after the download (during the installation). And when I open it again started from the beginning. I launched it as an administrator, and it stopped at “applying patch 97%” for 5-10 minutes. I tried pausing, unpausing it, and then a window title “Xsolla Launcher stopped working” and then closed itself.

Edit: tried another couple of times: now the download doesn’t even begin if I don’t run it as administrator (speed at zero), and when I do so it stops again at “Applying patch 97%” and then closes itself after 1-2 seconds.

Do I have to re-install everything from scratch?


Exactly the same issue.


Did you run the launcher as administrator? That helped me with the launcher closing .


So apparently there is no launcher on OSX, do I just re-download the whole game from Xsolla?


The new version for Mac OS may not have been uploaded on Xsolla’s end. Still waiting for confirmation.


I appreciated your kindness in trying to help me, but that was the first thing I tried.


Ok, I am having to reinstall because the update got stuck in a loop? I’d update, launcher would close, I’d restart, it would download and install the update again. So, I uninstalled and am reinstalling


While its at 97% its working on the disc. let it go it will finish!


Not sure of it, since only the first time it stopped. After that it would close itself when it got to 97%.
I’m re-installing the launcher from scratch anyway. I’ve already unistalled both the game and the launcher.
I uninstalled the game from the Launcher and tried to install it again yesterday evening. The launcher gave me an error because it needed an empty folder for the installation. So I deleted everything in the game folder. I decided to unintall even the launcher because of a few error I had while trying to installing the game after that.


For me it was the same it stopped at 97%, and afterwards the launcher closes when reach 97%. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and I think it is ok now


This is from before the patch, but I always get an error about not finding a specific. Dll when launching, related to the crash reporter. Game still runs fine, though.


In the end I managed to download it back, that launcher is really random. And I found my old saves still available, which is something I didn’t expect.


Ok, re-installed the game, got the latest updates, now it maxes out my video card (99%) and hangs at the “loading” screen but refuses to say “not responding” . I may try to restart from scratch


My patch is also getting stuck in the loop, any information i could provide to help diagnose this issue?


Same hang at 97%


It is crashing or just looks like it is doing nothing? If latter then just wait patiently. It takes some time at those 97%.


Yeah, mine hung at 97%. I left it up and did other stuff, when I came back, it had finished.


Standard “Windows progress bar” feature.