Citadel missions forces me to evac after killing of Scylla

That was not intended.
What makes it worse: Can I get the research of dead or living Scylla after all now by doing a citadel mission?

So I`m forced to look for a Scylla on haven defense missions to get fulfill the objective.

I think this is a new feature after the last Derleth patch, same as lairs, you need to Evac now

Yeah, but loose the opportunity to get a Scylla corpse or even one alive.

BAD design decisions, since Citaels were a good source to get a Scylla.

Since on easier difficulties they are relatively seldom, it can be gamebreaking.

I don’t think so, I killed the Scylla and the others and I get the corpse

It wasn’t a “BAD design decision”. It’s a bug. There are changes coming to Citadels in the future and it looks like the setting to require an evac was inadvertantly enabled (or wasn’t disabled) and ended up going out in this patch when it shouldn’t have done. I’ve already made the team aware of it and hopefully it will make it into a hotfix/


that’s a great response, but my QA Tester mind is wondering how QA Team could overlook something like that , if you play one campaign it is all what it takes

I can’t speak for how QA works (I’m not in that department). But I would make an educated guess and say that Citadels weren’t tested in the patch because there weren’t supposed to be any changes made to the Citadels.

QA spends hundreds of hours on each patch testing the mechanic and features which have changed, but sadly, some things do still slip through. I’m sure as a QA tester you’re more than familiar with this, unless you’re saying you’ve never released a product with a bug in it?

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Of course not, you can overlook bugs here and there, even testing 250-300 hours every month like I did, but I test specific tasks, sure, but also several playthroughs from the beginning to the end.

You killed the Scylla, evacuated AND got the corpse?

If so, is it still possible to get a living Scylla AND evac and get the living specimen?
What is your experience?

It’s my first time Legend level, and of course, Derleth patch, but yes, I killed the Scylla, I thought that I would get more REP killing every Panda in the map, but I got only +10

And I get the corpse, researched it without issues, next time , if I get Athena SR I will try to get the living Scylla

Please report to us, if you got the Scylla vivisection on citadel map, after having cleared it and evacuated.

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you can capture in any mission type, even the missions where you have to evac, not sure about the ambush missions yet as the containment facility bug makes it hard to tell

Confirmed: Just did a citadel and evac`d, when killed all Pandas, but not the paralyzed ones.

So you only get corpses, and vivisection defending havens or special missions

No, you can get the vivisection too from citadel missions. Just get sure, every one (even the eggs) is paralyzed or dead, when you evac.

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I’m just about to start a new game so I will try a test on a ambush mission

when I first played game I went nuts going around paralyzing everything even a spawnery lol