Successful Paralyzed But Still Able To Move

Hi, just minor bug want to report. So it happened before last turn of battle. I did successful to paralayzed a Triton using gadget and weapon (38/32) at defend haven mission, but somehow Triton still able to move around :scream: then the battle is finished. Thanks.

Triton’s “Pain Chameleon” ability sometimes moves tritons after a damage tick (from blood loss, poison or fire) even if they seem to be unable to move.

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Panic can overrule paralyzed.

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@Lorifel lol noted. Thanks.

@MarkRichards noted, thanks…yes in my case it doesn’t have any traits effect going on.

Are you saying you found a “bug” in Phoenix Point? I can hardly believe it.

Aye it’s huge ‘bug’ :rofl: well now I’m not sure if this bug or normal :sweat_smile:

I lost 3 paralyzed Pandorans due to Overwatch. All 3 of them got paralyzed from units on overwatch. However, even though they were paralyzed with the first shot, they continued their movement as planned. Therefore, other units on overwatch killed them as they were still moving. Paralyze, means unable to move. If they are paralyzed in mid-stride, their stride should be halted.

Also, spider drones and turrets should not consider paralyzed enemy as a viable target.

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Even a killed soldier can run a few steps if he was shot by a bullet while running. And here we are speaking about a dart with tranquilizing drug, not a bullet.
However I agree that other soldiers shouldn’t shoot already captured enemy as their overwatch action.

I was informed that it is bug that Snapshot is aware of. Not only do they not stop in mid-stride, they move if they panic. Hopefully, the latter will be addressed as well.

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