Paralyzed Enemy Still Uses Overwatch :(

I had an arthron paralyzed at something like 32/15 and later in the same turn when one of my operatives ran by the overwatch cone, the overwatch fire from the arthron happened and then it went back to being paralyzed. :frowning:

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There is a problem with paralysed alien, i had a soldier mind controlled by a siren, once the siren got completly paralyzed (thank you athena rifle) my soldier was still MCed and actuallly keep on shooting at my squad for the next turns…
Mind control ceased when the siren got killed

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This bug still exists. Does this need to be posted in the Canny Feedback Tool to get any attention?

The best place is to report in-game via F12. Those reports go directly into our QA system.

EDIT: I’ve just taken a look (as best as I could) through our QA system and it doesn’t look like this issue has been reported in-game.

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Same bug with triton. If triton has ability to become invisible when hit and he at overwatch, then after hit he move some tiles in invisible and still use overwatch from new place.
I was very surprised, when such situation occurred and my soldier been attacked from stealth during my turn.

Firstly, what you are describing is a totally different bug. While it does involve an overwatch where there shouldn’t be one, to call it the same bug is incorrect. The circumstances and the cause are both different. Again, when such a bug occurs, please hit F12 in-game and submit a bug report. This sends the report directly to our QAs system along with your save-game file and game-state data which is important for tracking down the cause of the error.

btw. Why hitting Triton and making him stealthy should disable his overwatch?

Because he moved out of position of the overwatch?

Cause Triton use another skill and move from position.
As I see it: Triton must or sit with overwatch and don’t move, or cancel overwatch and use his skill/ability.

that would cut greatly his defensive capabilities. Later in the game they are most vulnerable enemies, so they need that ability to increase their survavibility. And that is their passive ability.

I’m not sure if going into overwatch should nullify any passive ability.

And this skill require their relocation, because of game mechanics. If that would be FiraXCOM they could simply vanish and player wouldn’t be allowed to shoot them after going into chameleon state. But in Phoenix Point you have free aim, so they need to relocate. This movement doesn’t cost them any AP.

I think PP is allowing the overwatch after being paralysed due to the overwatch shot not requiring an AP. The mechanics are not taking into fact that the unit is paralyzed.

Oh btw. Why paralyzis should end mind control? You paralyze enemy muscles, not their mind. So with paralyzed body they still can mind control enemies. :slight_smile:

With your logic capturing live Siren with paralyze weapon is impossible )))

Process of taking control requires Action points so it is impossible to make when being paralyzed. But maintaining that control could be possible. It will end after few turns because Siren will run out of Will Points.