Paralysis or Display bug

Hey Team!

I hope you had enough Pandoran for today! On a schevenging site a reinforcement Chiron Perses launched it’s explosives at my ASPIDA in the pandoran turn with 39/82 paralisis damage on it. This is the picture after it.

This is what the game tells me about action point requirements for his attack:

Please fix this, the paralisis damage (PD) is linear according the PP build in guide. I have a hunch this is a rounding error in the code. The Chiron has 82 Strength and 39 PD on it, so it had 43 Strength left, meaning it looks possible that the code is roundig up the APs and not down as it should. This is just a theory but if the guide is right and what I see on the picture is currect the code gives the Chiron the 3. AP from the 43 Strength (S) → 42S->2AP + 1S->1AP

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Why should the code round up? I think it works as intended.
You need the target to have 100% paralysis to loose 100% AP, so it is logical it must have 50% paralysis to loose 50% AP.
50% from 82 Strength is 41. You had 39 paralysis, so you had 2 more points to achieve 50% AP loss.
Seems quite logical to me!


But Chiron requires 75% AP to attack so it should have at least 62 (61,5) strength to be able to attack. It had only 43. So yep something is wrong. Looks like 41 gives 2 AP, and spare 2 strength allow for another 1 AP

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This always worked that way, without 50% paralysis or more an enemy can use 3 AP. Sometimes Arthron with 16/19 paralysis for example can attack (melee) from adjacent tile.

A bug? Knowing SG, who knows

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This is what I called roundig up issue. In any case if a unit starts it’s turn with even 1 point PD less than it’s limit, it will have that AP.
For example I deliver 26 PD to a unit with 100 Strength, so it starts it’s turn with 25PD → 3 AP, however if I deliver 25 instead of 25, than it starts with 24PD which is < 100/4*3 → 4 AP.
In the code it prpbably looks like this:
Value of Strength = S, Value of PD = PD, Number of AP the unit have at the start of it’s turn = AP
The code now:
If PD>=S AP=0
If S>PD>=3/4S AP=1
If 3/4S>PD>=2/4S AP=2
If 2/4S>PD>=1/4S AP=3 ← This is my case.
If 1/4S>PD AP=4

The code how it should be:
If PD>3/4S AP=0
If 3/4S>=PD>2/4S AP=1
If 2/4S>=PD>1/4S AP=2
If 1/4S>=PD>0/4S AP=3
If PD=0 AP=4

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In other words, you want a unit to become paralyzed not at 100% paralysis (like it is now) but at 75%.
That’s not how it works and I am sure it is not a bug, but a feature.


It is logical to restrict any unit of using AP based abilities (like an Arthron melee my stun unit on the adjacent tile) if they have less than the required number.

Of course the mentioned unit could move a little bit or use not AP based abilities (the Technician has a 0AP cost shock ability for example). So no, I don’t want total paralisis at 75% PD that happens at 100% but it is logical to not have any AP at 76% PD.


I support this explanation. If enemy has more than 75% Paralysis applied on them, they should only be allowed to move, but not use skills costing even 1 AP. And

This is not true. Paralysis worked like described by mazsolt in ‘should be’ part in early builds or even just after relesase in 2019. I think it was tweaked when paralysis values were adjusted so right in the epic release or in one of the patches (Leviathan?).

And I think it was because of feedback received from players who’s soldiers were affected by paralysis. They complained that they can’t do anything with soldier which has for example 16/18 paralysis.


You are right, when I say always I mean during 2020 and 2021 because I am not a backer

that has its logic

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