Disabled Legs and extraction missions

I never tried it, but it is possible to drop the armor in a mission? This way the heavy should be able to move and you don’t have to restart :thinking:
Yeah, you maybe lose a heavy armor, but not the soldier …

If I recall correctly, I believe that UV said there are plans to fix these kind of issues. And as I said, I agreed with you. It’s just that the solution is counter to what some here say is a big no-no. That was my point, not that it’s not a viable solution in certain cases.

No, it’s not possible.

What I’m not sure about is this:

IIRC, the penalty for each disabled leg is 6. Min Speed (on Legend) is 14, so 14-12 = 2. Heavy torso armor carries a -2 penalty and heavy legs armor -1, so without a heavy armor torso, which has a jetpack, you would still have 1 pt in Speed remaining.

The only other armor that carries a -2 to Speed (and thus could reduce Speed to 0 with both legs disabled) is the tech armor. But with the tech armor you should be able to restore limbs…

In conclusion, it would seem to me that the scenario where you can’t evac because of this issue must be an extreme outlier…


What a few of us have said is that we don’t reload to achieve optimal results and that doing that is likely to mislead the DDA.

How is this connected to reloading a mission due to a bug I do not know.

I would have taken it on the chin cause I hate restarting, I like to let fate do it’s thing.

If I had gotten the rest to the extraction zone and the game said, you’ll have to leave one soldier behind then no problem, I would have done that. But I don’t think something like that would have come up.

Luckily, like I said I still had some jumps.

Maybe something could be added to the game to keep you from restarting, even a bit of text or something.

I don’t know.

It is the same case if your soldier is paralyzed

Carrying seriously wounded/paralyzed soldiers is a good idea, because you don’t have to leave behind a good soldier in an empty battlefield

+1 to carry option!

But is it a bug, or just bad luck? As I said UV said there are plans to automatically end missions if all enemies are killed. I would hope that would apply in situations as this and paralyzed units.

this option should not exclude another more universal option

But the first is the path of the developers (if not Acid 2.0), and the second is a new mechanic that has not existed from the beginning (although it is very logical and historical) and more of a mod and work for Modders (saving time and resources!).

And the point I’m making is that I don’t think you would find anyone who argues that you should take your casualties as they come opposing an S&R under these circumstances. They are two completely unrelated issues - one caused by ‘bad’ tactics (or luck) and the other caused by a broken game mechanic.

Aye. Nonetheless before they add that [x] Ironman it would be nice to hunt down those outlier as much as possible.

The thing is, this situation would force you to abandon the whole campaign in a real ironman setting. You can’t evac, you can’t die and thus the mission never ends. I suppose there is always the console but there ought to be cleverer ways :wink:

Should have read the whole thing, yea ending the mission automatically if no enemy is left would be a good solution for this case. I can still think up some edge cases. There could be 1 enemy left, stuck as well or simply refusing to move into your direction. I think 0 movement should simply not happen. 1 or 2 minimum is the way IMHO.

Or the mission ends if you have no way to enable limbs, and are stuck - leaving behind those soldier(s) … but then the game robs you of the chance that the enemy walks into your gun by accident.

Can’t stop thinking about this. What about a button that force abandons the mission regardless if everyone has been evacuated ? A more generic solution, no ?

Either way, this needs to be addressed, without having to restart. This lies dangerously close to the realms of broken mechanics would certainly pi$$ a lot of people off.

We need a solution to this. Can’t leave a soldier behind.

Well … I think we should be able to do exactly that :wink:

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I guess I need some help understanding how this is a broken game mechanic. Basic speed (unless increased by SP) is 14. Each disabled leg removes 7 from speed. So unless one has increased the speed of a unit, 2 disabled legs and a speed of 14 = 0 speed.

A heavy in fully heavy armor has a speed loss of -3, 14 - 3 - (2 disabled legs/14) = - 3 speed. A heavy will need a speed of 18 in order to have 1 speed if both legs are disabled.

Is the broken mechanic the penalty of 7 per disabled leg? Or is it that the poor cripple can’t pull himself along by his arms? Or is it that there is no mechanic to carry the unit?

I guess the devs never thought about this ever happening to a player.

error game mechanic

game is broken

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Game requires for mission to end for all soldiers to be dead or evac. Player can’t evac because soldier can’t move. Mission can’t end. That’s the game mechanic that’s broken.


Thanks for the clarification. At least the OP had luck on his side and could jet out. So who did the bug report via F12 for this? As that is the sure way to get it on the devs’ radar.

Hopefully this post will be enough to get it raised. It’s all pretty well outlined here. :pray:

You can , breaking the legs of one of your soldiers, clear the map (Evac mission) and report :wink:

If game have not broken mechanic, than soldier will have some minimum speed cap. At least 2 square per 4 AP.