Lack of explanations, need research or Bugs?

I’m having a few issues which I’m not sure if its game mechanics or bugs … First one is those screamer towers in lair missions, upon examination it tells me they have the ability to cause panic “Within a specific range” or something similar … I’ve had people halfway across the map panicked by these things … what is a specific range? … has it just not put into the game’s information or is this something I have to research to find out exactly what the range is? …

I’m also having issues with return fire, Alien pops around the corner, my overwatch doesn’t go off, they shoot at me and I don’t return fire … is this a bug or maybe something in the game mechanics that I’m missing (yes characters have proficient weapons equipped)

I think the “terror sentinels” scream over 20 tiles (being behind a wall changes nothing). But I don’t know where I read this information.
There is an autopsy that gives you bonus damage against them but no insight into the range of their powers.
Maybe they are mind-controllable, in which case we need to drop their will with lots of virus and wait for it to drop so that a priest can control them.

When you overwatch you don’t get return fire. You’ll find lots of thread explaining why return fire is a broken mechanic.

Sarcastic: In this case, you know that damage is coming so your soldier decides not to return fire. However, if you didn’t overwatch, your soldier would be surprised to take damage, can’t control himself and returns fire.

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Sirens can scream too, lower range but they can be hidden.

About the sarcasm, common he is focused on covering an area versus he is aware to anything coming around, that’s quite different.

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The sarcasm wasn’t for him. It was about return fire.
You get damaged by someone in your back while you’re bathing in the sun, you return fire.
You get damaged by someone just in front of you while you’re ready to shoot (but slightly outside the overwatch cone) you don’t.

Yes RF, when you are in overwatch you are concentrated on a specific part of the field, if not you are ready and aware of anything. It’s not totally incoherent. But why they did it gameplay wise, I wonder.

Ok, yeah the overwatch / return thing seems fair … looks like I’ll be using AP for shots then and relying on return fire … :smiley: - And I understood the sarcasm bit :wink:

For the semantic I feel it almost fair, for gameplay design it looks pointless restriction, Owerwatch isn’t free it is giving up attack or movement. In my opinion the game doesn’t need symmetry between soldiers and enemies. New version of RF for enemies is almost a requirement if you don’t want banish shorter ranges to teams, at least when there’s plenty crabs around with AR and RF.

But player could use fairly enough previous RF. This should be two different skills, RF is new version, could be Cover Fire for previous version and only players. Moreover instead of half burst which is just one of the thousands of bonus to longer ranges versus shorter range, another way to limit it needs be find.

For a potential abuse from sniper, at least it won’t be snipers with RB or Adrenalin Rush.

For the penalty of new CF, it is hard to make it realist, I don’t see. 2/3 damages for one bullet weapons, 2/3 burst for others, but don’t ask me any realistic explanation, I’d say it’s because of Aliens, something scientist haven’t yet achieved to explain.

EDIT: Realistic explanation of the penalty, it’s quick reaction fire, burst fails some bullets, and one bullet weapons hit less sensible parts (no RNG please).