Overwatch Game Crash


When I kill an alien on overwatch, the game freezes at ‘alien action’. They never take the their next turn. You can still move cursor around etc but game does not play


Also encountered this today. Setting was a scavenging mission, bug happened on first turn.


Good way to prevent overwatch spam. :wink:


Yep. It’s much worse after the update to fix it. Soldiers still (and more frequently) also fail to move then chug along in a block movement fashion when going down ladders.

Does anyone know where the save file is so that if I can get a decent game going again I can revert to that rather than a very buggy version that just requires restarting because otherwise this is a chore rather than fun.


Maybe It’s part of the alien mutation to overcome my tactics. phaha


In respect to my saved game the update has made things worse, not better


You want revert what? Restoring older savegames won’t change game version. If you want older version of the game then you already missed that point after patch update.


I’ve been having the same hang. Overwatch shot blows arm off crab and game hangs. Sent a couple reports in.


The overwatch hang is still happening? It hasnt happened to me once since the new patch…hmm.


When this keeps happening, should I hit f12 and send a report each time or is the problem known and the team is working on it? It also happens when I kill a unit not using overwatch.


I’d keep reporting it. More data is more data, and it is better to have too much data than too little.


Well it now happens about 9/10 times whereas with the initial build it was about 1/10. As I have to ctrl+alt+del to get out pushing F12 doesn’t work.


F12 only brings up the in game bug report mechanism. exiting is alt+F4, or if truly frozen, the task manager


Trully original Windows feature :slight_smile: