Pandoras Responsive Mutation / is it a myth?

Reading the Wiki with some early promises that still gots quoted

" When aliens are victorious in combat, they may mutate more in order to use captured weapons and other technology.[4] In contrast, aliens that are consistently defeated will continue to mutate in a natural selection process which mimics evolution.[21] For example, a mutation might generate aliens with a new melee attack ability or a new defensive counter to certain types of weapons used by the players’ soldiers.[21] These mutations are somewhat random; however, the game’s AI works in the background to find mutations that can defeat players’ soldiers by discarding iterations that are unsuccessful.[6] Aliens will continue to evolve until they develop a mutation that allows them to prevail in battle.[21] Aliens with successful mutations then will be deployed in increasing numbers.[21] Thus, the Pandoravirus responds and adapts to the tactics and technology used by players.[6]"

However playing latest Necromicon patch plus DLC1 Blood and Titanium,
I find mutations always in same direction.

No any adoptive selection, no new limbs, no mutated weapons.

At the moment no, there is notthing like this - there are some random variations, but nothing in response to player’s actions.

But it should be happening in the future.


Thanks. Hope it will come

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