Pandoras Responsive Mutation / is it a myth?

Reading the Wiki with some early promises that still gots quoted

" When aliens are victorious in combat, they may mutate more in order to use captured weapons and other technology.[4] In contrast, aliens that are consistently defeated will continue to mutate in a natural selection process which mimics evolution.[21] For example, a mutation might generate aliens with a new melee attack ability or a new defensive counter to certain types of weapons used by the players’ soldiers.[21] These mutations are somewhat random; however, the game’s AI works in the background to find mutations that can defeat players’ soldiers by discarding iterations that are unsuccessful.[6] Aliens will continue to evolve until they develop a mutation that allows them to prevail in battle.[21] Aliens with successful mutations then will be deployed in increasing numbers.[21] Thus, the Pandoravirus responds and adapts to the tactics and technology used by players.[6]"

However playing latest Necromicon patch plus DLC1 Blood and Titanium,
I find mutations always in same direction.

No any adoptive selection, no new limbs, no mutated weapons.

At the moment no, there is notthing like this - there are some random variations, but nothing in response to player’s actions.

But it should be happening in the future.


Thanks. Hope it will come

Moved ideas to new thread

Imho they should get +10 hp every time you one shot any of them.
+1 hp and armor on any parts that you shot out first and -1hp and armor on any that recieved this buff before. (leg hunting season lol)
It is a massive extra thing to smash in the save file, but for a possible dedicated iron man mode in the future :smiley: or some mega content patch.

This doesnt sounds like a much but it stacks after every kill. So its like +7 hp and armor per tactical map. Thats significant.

Lore? They find theire corpses and find what and how was destroyed and respond acoordingly.

Mutation should deffinetly go trough load game so they know what made the player load and bring more of that.

If a respawning mutation would be on all of em, i would be screwed.

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Its nice way to counter players tactics, adding HP and armor to most hit alien parts of species, and would be nice way to evolve. If player snipes a lot - bring Triton snipers before. If you bomb em, add them some heavy variants before. Its nicer and more adoptive tactics then overall species bump upgrade as it is.

I found nice ticket

You don’t need to add weakness, unless you want to go overkill on the strenght.
For example the most significant change came from oriaclum cyclops that stacked a dmg negating buff.
This completly destroyed my tactic of 2 hit snipe or 1 hit melee units. I had to resolve to paralysis and flamethrowers and shotguns to chew through the stacks before I could start.

Tactics only works if certain ways of playing are completly removed. “weakening” or “swaying” the player to do something different wont work. You have to go ham and do super hard counters.

I would increase some mobs armor to like 70-80+ on all body parts, so you HAVE TO use acid or fire the take it down, or have to use super precise energy weapons to thread the needle between armor plates.

Also I totally loved the cat and mouse in xenonauts against the 1 hit youre an enemy now mob that made sure to always hide in fog of war or away from player’s vision and only move and attack from blind spots. There I was forced to use overwatch continously as it was the only possible way to nuke it and had to spend points in reaction that i always skiped so they could shot before it got too close.

I really hope that at some point they consider hard counters. Bit similar to early game against New Jericho where beginner energy weapons didnt hurt the enemy and you had to use the starting weapons that had shred on it to chew through a body part, or forced to focus fire with snipers.

I think the easiset way maybe to bring in the non newtonian armor. The harder you hit the stronger it gets. So if you dmg over 100 then it gets nullified. That would be awesome.

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That would completely break the game in no time.