Do the Pandorans actually evolve to your playstyle?

So far I haven’t seen anything that seems to suggest that the various evolutions or modifications to the creatures is as a response to my playstyle … I had somewhat expected certain things, like, if you tend to use explosives, enemies would become resistant to them or if you headshotted guys all the time, you’d see armoured up skulls. Instead I seem to see a somewhat random mix of units.

Does the system decide which units to emphasize based on how much damage they do to your units or as a result of what you do to them? I mean if it’s the former, it isn’t responding to your tactics, really, it’s just doubling down on what’s worked before. Or is it some other metric? The promised system doesn’t seem evident to me.

I had different squads on different aircraft tackling multiple fights at once, made up of whatever random guys I’d been able to recruit packed willy nilly into a plane and told “kill bugs till you’re dead.” They did begin to encounter different compositions in arthons and tritons. My melee / shotgun assault group began encountering more claw/shield/shotgun pandorans, whereas my alpha team which was all ranged encountered almost exclusively MG/Grenade/sniper pandorans. Both groups saw sirens, chirons, and scylla that were about the same. So I’m not sure there’s enough diversity in the mutations that you’re going to do anything but pretty quickly see the mix that hurts you the most and then that mix until the end of the game.

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