Would you like "shorter mutation cycles"?

Instead of complete “next level” mutation to e.g. Prime form (more armor, hp, movement etc.) e.g.

  • If player uses much snipers, normal form, but with snipers and more armor on head and arms, arned with snipers before, not only having e.g. just rifle-launcher all the time or pistol-shotgun
  • If player uses much explosives more armor only all over form, heavy like forms
  • If player uses close combat, faster and more close combat oriented forms
  • if they win heaven battle (no player response) adopting one fraction weapon to alien use, like technology theft from user side

Much much later it can overall mutate to stronger form, these would be quciker and smaller in strength adjustment mutations, to be so called.

Hope something similar can be developed. It would be a great great and grand in form child of past Xcom alien response curve of XCom 1994

Opened as proposal ticket

All ideas welcomed, we will see the implementation, if ever.