Three day Pandoran evolve?

I tend to play the game without using exploits and base my decisions on how I would react in real life i.e. I always side with New Jericho. My biggest gripe with the game is this three day thing as for me it spoils immersion and seems totally unrealistic.

I would like the option of either selecting a Pandoran evolve cycle, say three, five, seven or a random time period or better still, have the game base the progression of the Pandorans on certain events that they achieve during game play like destroying havens.

It also seems to me that many streams I have watched have players ignoring the air threat and swapping good arms and armour between teams of soldiers which of course allows them to save on resources. How people play the game is their choice, but I prefer to to play in a more realistic way and only swap stuff round when units are at the same base.

I have yet to win the game based on my refusal to use exploits, be friendly with all factions and do the important missions needed to further progress. I do not mind this at all and everyone should have the option of playing the game how they want to. But for me personally, this three day evolve mechanic needs to be looked at and give the player more options to set the game up for their particular playstyle.

The only thing that is fixed are these 3 days for pandoran intelligence report, but what for enemies evolve and how fast responds to your play style. If you rush many missions then they evolve faster and if you take your time it will be slower.

They currently working on that and some other things, so maybe we get it a bit more responsible to play style, but I guess the fixed report all x days will stay.

I have questions about that:

  1. Do you mind that it informs you about enemy types before you encounter them?
  2. Do you mind that it gives you exact information about their stats?
  3. Do you mind that it is fixed period of time or it may be fixed just take more time?
  4. Do you mind that enemy is evolving too fast? (becuase here difficulty you have selected have great impact on the number of enemies in each report, and also the speed you proceed with the story and missions also have impact)

Hi Yokes, thanks for the reply.

  1. I would rather not know personally until you meet them in missions.
  2. I think the stats should only be available after autopsy.
    3 & 4. I play on veteran difficulty to suit my playstyle. As I said in my original post, I would like the option to adjust the Pandoran evolve period as I often face Chirons & Sirens with basic weaponry because I do not like to rush the game as a whole. My ideal solution would be for the game to model Pandoran progress based on their success rather than the amount of research or missions I complete.

Hi MadSkunky,

I have tested this out and found that even if I do no research and no missions, Pandorans still evolve.

Of course, but they evolve slower so you get higher evolutions later.
I also tested it and the milestones with Lair (+Siren and Chiron) and Citadels (+ Scyllas) came roughly two weeks later than usually.