Pandorans stopped building bases?

So I’m currently on my 4th attempt through the campaign (haven’t finished one yet ha, first two campaigns restarted cos I got too brutalised by the difficulty curve and ragequit my third due to the RF crash bug) and I’m considering abandoning this campaign now too, out of necessity, as I think something has bugged out with the Panda Bases. Come with me on a journey through time:

  • Campaign starts and progresses nicely and normally. Got the early few faction missions done, cleared out a nest, cleared out a lair and did all the associated research; Hunky dory so far.

  • At this point clearing a Citadel is on my objectives list, and oh, would you like at that, a brand new Nest has spawned right near Phoenix Point, yippeeeeee!

  • I’m making fairly good time, this is something like mid-January ingame (I forget exactly when it was, but I hadn’t done a single Symes mission yet or even researched Phoenix Project as I was intentionally focusing on factions and Pandorans so it can’t have been much later than that) so I decide to just leave that Nest to evolve into a Citadel and get on with other stuff.

  • Come late February and it’s still a Nest, so I just think maybe this particular one is destined for meagreness and will never evolve, so I put it out of its misery and clean that effer out.

  • Back at the Geoscape and some new research is available. It’s the Citadel study. “Strange. Must be a glitch but hey… free research, I aint gonna complain!” so I add it to my research queue (which is pretty big at this point due to all I’d done in late Jan and early Feb to kill time) and check my objectives. Sure enough, destroy a Citadel has been ticked off. Bearing in mind I’d not even encountered a Scylla yet and had in reality done a Nest, a Lair and then another Nest. But still, it was all in my favour so I just accepted it (especially after three failed campaigns I was making up for lost time on).

  • It’s now early April and there’s never been another Pandoran base, of any tier, on the Geoscape. None through scanning and none revealing themselves.

Is this normal? It doesn’t seem normal.

It wasn’t a problem on my previous attempts, though admittedly they all ended in Feb or March - this is the first time I’ve made it to April cos I’m a srcub at PP.

Honestly it bums me out to say, but if I have to end yet another campaign early then I too will be done with this game until it’s patched to the moon and back as I can’t play the same first quarter of the same video game for the rest of my life. I love just about everything the game has to offer; just a lot of it doesn’t work and what is there gets repeated. A lot.

P.S. Snapshot, proofread your ingame text please! Just about all of the flavour text for Phoenixpedia and research contains at least one typo or missing word per entry. Reads like every last word of it was typed up on the last hour of the last day before release.

EDIT: Just a thought, but could I have broken progression by doing the Panda base objectives before the Symes quest?

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Have the factions started war on eachother yet? Once that ticks off and they start destroying havens left and right (in a mad bid to destroy humanity before the pandorans can) the ODI tends to go up, and with that i find pandoren nests of all levels start becoming more common. Once humans start wiping themselves out the Pandorans can come along and mop up the rest, though once that happens i find that they tend to do a lot at once… i think in one attempt at the game i had 6 havens being hit by pandorans within a few minute interval after New Jericho and Synedrion kicked off their war.

Yes, but late into my having noticed that I hadn’t seen a base in a while. Pandorans are comitting attacks on havens (they seem to have a hardon for the Disciples at the moment) there are just no active bases of their own on the Geoscape. As you say, their attacks did ramp up after the first faction war was declared but yeah… I was suss of the lack of bases before that and have remained so since.

Are you pulling off defenses on the havens under siege? Doing that should reveal where the attack came from. Saw it fail to do so once, tried to capture a scylla and my containment thing lost power due to the bug in that, so no capture and no kill on the scylla itself was registered… didn’t reveal where the attack came from.

Honestly at this point I can’t specifically remember whether or not I showed up for the defenses (I avoid them a lot because the lack of defenders really spoils my immersion) but during the early game I certainly do them as and when they crop up for the resource rewards.

What I’m trying to say there is that my answer to your question is “probably” lol.