Cannot find any Pandoran bases

An alien base can attack any haven or phoenix base within its operational range. If the alien base has a very large operational range, it won’t necessarily be close by and yet still able to attack.

Have a look around in the red mist areas for any visible alien bases. If you find one I believe you need to click on it to show the operational range. It’ll appear as a blue circle on the geoscape. If your base that keeps getting attacked is within that circle that is likely the source of the attacks.

At some point that range is not showing. Circle would be so big that it would be not easy to spot it. :slight_smile:

I believe there is also a numerical listing of the range in km, though that is a lot of effort to use.

To the devs: maybe have the alien base range be a filled in circle, like the area scanned display?


Been scanning the red mist around the base forever and a day and there is no sign of any Pandoran base. Yet no sooner is one attack over than they attack again. No fun in this and plain boring.

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There’s perhaps a bug, let it fall, it could stop.

I’m having a similar issue: Pandorans stopped building bases?

Did you have anything like my ‘Nest with Citadel rewards’ happen?

Same here: havent seen any Pandoran bases for a very long time now even though the mist has covered most of the continents already. Been seeing them for a while but then they didnt sho up anymore.

Noticed one base only after NJ has destroyed it

Researched all 3 alien bases and was conducting scans so they are missing due to somethign else

Also noticed that faction planes are no longer moving (they dont even attack each other anymore): NJ still has 3 planes hovering at the alien base they destroyed - might be related

Maybe the behaviour is triggered when a faction destroys a Pandoran base and that breaks the faction and PAndoran AI so that they become passive and do not epxand anymore

Are they just attacking your base, or are they attacking Havens? As I understand it, the Lair is only revealed after a successful Haven Defence, for some inexplicable reason.

Easiest fix would be for any defence to automatically trigger the location of the Panda Base.

They’re only attacking my base, every damned 30 mins. Boring…

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I feel for you Man. Sounds like a bug to me.

It’s quite possible that there are bugs surrounding this, but one thing to do is to defend havens. If you do, the alien base that sent the attack gets revealed.

Yes, once a haven was defended a base was revealed: but does this mean that the various base research and scanning is not relevant to revealing bases?

The Faction AI still seems to be stuck - all their ships are staying in their corrent location, and they stopped attacking each other - might be not related then though to Pandoran bases

It’s relevant to scan once your research allows fund aliens lairs and if you fail a defense or saw a Haven fall. Otherwise it’s more a waste os resource, each scan cost a bit.

It’s possible the base case is something else and more a bug, I had the feeling, the game was doing everything to ensure there’s max 8 bases left. As I wrote let the base fall, it should cancel the bug.

Done that due to the difficulty spike for all havens in the third act of the game: most of Africa has fallen but scanning did also not reveal any bases on the continent evne though all 3 layers of bases are researched

Bases in my game were only ever discoverd after a haven defense and never via scanning

That’s how the game is designed in my experience.

For base you mean Nest/Lair/Citadel.

If you do a Haven defense and save the Haven then the alien base is revealed if not already revealed.

But if you fail or skip the Haven defense and the source is a new alien base then it stays hidden, but a scan can reveal it if you have done the right research. I think it’s the research you get after to have defeated a Lair, or perhaps a Citadel. For sure you can also skip the scan and wait another Haven is attacked by the hidden alien base.

EDIT: About no alien base on a continent totally devastated I agree it looks bizarre, not sure of the point here. It’s possible because their range can become huge with time, but it’s bizarre anyway.

I am also constantly getting hit by base attacks back-to-back. First 1 continent then another, back and forth. I have scanned like crazy (with the tech to reveal Pandoran bases - the tech doesn’t straight out reveal a citadel, just another “?” to explore, that almost always is a citadel). They are not showing up any where near the areas they are attacking, It would appear that they have limitless range of attack (known citadels are only showing an operational range - and thus have an unlimited range if they can link there travel with way points). I am getting 12 & 16 hour attack notices. I ignored a citadel in Antarctica which I think is the one that is launching attacks on my bases in the Middle East and South America. So if you are not finding any citadels close by with your scans, scan even further away.

The Nest -> Lair -> Citadel doesn’t appear to happen, Citadels seem to appear on their own with no nest/lair building in between.

Yes Lairs/Citadels don’t seem have any link with PP bases attacks. Only Havens defenses are linked.

I have the same problem. My base was under constant attack. The base has fallen but the game goes on. In my research I have developed a citadel, scanned the entire globe and not a single enemy base. Nothing, zero.
Despite this, my main base was spammed by attacks.
The game remained unplayable. I could not complete the tasks = game over.

PC version from Xbox Game Pass.