Pandoran Physiology research not available

Hey all,

So I recently got up to aligned with New Jericho, which on getting up to that rep grants a whole heap of research. According to:

I should have gained “Pandoran Physiology” as long as I had “New Jericho Combat Training” and “Pandora Virus” researched which I do. But this did not trigger for some odd reason. I got the “Walls of Jericho Project”, but not Pandoran Physiology.

Is there some extra requirement to getting it now? Is this bugged as well? Do I need to have a Pandoran in containment? That’s currently bugged for me, as none show up in containment.

I find the research a little overwhelming, but I typically capture the larger Pandorans and that lead to it for me. Perhaps you need a Siren or Chiron, but that’s an educated guess.

Well I had 1 Arthron, 1 Siren, 1 Chiron, 1 Triton. Then reloaded and their gone. So I dunno if they still count toward it or not.

I would think so

So I not sure as I play the game too quickly due to time constraints, but I think that I was helped to get this after aligning with another faction at 50%.

It may be that there is more than one approach to getting various research completed.