Too late in the game to get Pandoran Virus Infection(virophage kit)?

I’m trying to capture a pandoran with virus ability so I can get the virophage kit AKA Pandoran Virus Infection. I have captured both an arthron with a virus gun and an orichalcum siren that has arms that also do virus damage, but the tech remains un-researchable. It is has been a while (in game) since I saw a regular baseline siren that does also does viral attack. The thing I’m wondering is that while both of these enemies are “viral”, neither of them were strictly part of the enemy roster in the release version of the game. It is possible that the code for the tech hasn’t been updated to reflect the larger updated enemy roster, and this would potentially explain why it doesn’t register properly with the game that I have a viral pandoran in containment. Assuming this is true, if left unpatched the only way to get this tech is to capture an original baseline virus siren. But it is all speculation anyways. All I know is I’m having problems getting this technology. Anybody else run into this issue?

There is a bug where the viral Pandorans will not trigger the research the first time captured. Usually it takes at least a 2nd capture. But the last time I tried, it didn’t trigger until the 3rd time. I’ve reported this numerous times and brought it to the devs attention in the counsel. Fingers crossed that is solidly on their radar.