Pandoran nest is extremely dark

I get the whole fog of war thing, but compared to BB5 it’s like someone switched the lights out or the gamma has gone walkabout. I can see some areas, but others, even where my squad are, are completely dark.

GTX1080 on ultra.

Is it meant to be this dark or am I getting some weird bug?

Been through a selection of graphics options and nothing seems to touch it, so I’m sort of assuming it’s meant to be that way…


Having same problem, all the other maps are fine, perfectly lit, but the nests are pitch black, this cant be intended.

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most certainly not intended. Please use the F12 bug reporter in that mission so the devs can get a good look at it (phrasing intended)

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Have done that, on a revisit this morning it’s close to unplayable and is probably going to mean I’ll not be doing any more until there’s a fix or night vision goggles come as standard. Nest raids are core to the game.

Though in my case it was nowhere near as bad as Ashar’s.

Tried upping the Gamma in windows and that helps a lot in revealing details, but I have to push it to the max to make it workable. Even then, there’s a lot that should be visible that is still black.

I have found that rotating the camera sometimes helps me. At one angle, the map is still dark, and then I rotate the camera and everything is revealed as it should be. If I rotate back, it is dark again. xD


Yeah, they should have fog of war but not everywhere and it should clear when you enter it. That is just overkill. We’ll take a look at it.

This is on today’s update. Still pretty gloomy, though better than on the original release for me.


Decrease shadows. :wink:

That’s how nests and such should look on higher settings, there are a lot of scenery objects about that block line of sight and stop uncovering the map in a more natural way… almost feels like what is revealed without the heavy shadowing is using a fixed grid system made up of many smaller areas and unless you can see the central area of the grid then nothing else in that grid area loses the heavy shadow.

Unconvinced. This is the same game I reloaded the save. So I think this is a bug where the FoW isn’t being cleared when the squaddie changes position.

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Interesting, had never tried saving and loading again to see if it impacted FoW. Good catch.

Has the fog of war now been fixed in Denforth?

Unfortunately no.