Night-time missions inconsistent lighting

Is it only my impression or tutorial mission is much more darker than any other nigh-time missions? In those other missions I could clearly saw the map (all buildings and their surroundings). Those this mean that lighting of the map is not finished yet and must be pre-calculated somehow? Or maybe exact hour during the night or moon phase affect the darkness?

Yeah, that’s a good point - I played the tutorial and it was really dark, I made a forum post saying I couldn’t see anything off the back of it. Later on I played another, and it was fine. I’d thought that the game got patched, but it might be that that tutorial mission needs looking at in isolation.

There is a tutorial mission? I was thinking tutorial is just a text. But nights are seriously dark sometimes, funny how nests are all nice and bright.

There is tutorial until you start scanning areas with Satellite Uplink I think.

I just didn’t launch tutorial at all. I read somewhere its mostly text. Don’t remember where.

Because tips are mostly text, but that text gives you tips how to start a game, and between those tips are first elements unlocked which can be threated as playing tutorial.