Colonies bugs report

Have dark areas without a Triton. It can`t be supposed, since darkness vanishes when aiming at enemies.

Some people reported them to require an evac now.
If so: Please fix this.

Got that since vanila. Major bug, never fixed.

Never experienced it before, since I avoided nests always.

The DLC-nest doesn`t have that issue.

Which DLC? I had that issue in vanila and in B&T.

Let me explain what it is more clearly what I mean. In a Nest, it very often happens that areas concealed by fog of war aren’t revealed when you enter them. You basically have a guy standing in the dark and looking in the dark.

It’s a major freaking bug, and it ruins the game. You basically cannot enter Nests when playing no restarts because of that.


It`s the fog of war not vanishing.

The DLC I was talking about is the “living weapons” DLC.

Evac in Citadels as on their roadmap. It as added to lairs in the last patch. Citadel evac made the patch, but wasn’t listed in the patch notes.

Yes, but UnstableVoltage told, that it wasn`t meant to take place on citadels this patch.

So it is unintended at the moment.

Since Derleth I’ve attacked 3 nests. Fog of war went away as soon as one my squad stepped nearby / within it. Same as vanilla.

In the Nests and Lairs after dash fog of war often not disappear. I have one really fun situation, when dash into cave, found noone. Next soldier move there by regular move and find out, that my first soldier stay in one tile from mission objective and didn’t see it after dash…

I think that Dash currently has disabled detection of enemies. So they not only disabled stopping soldier when he spots enemy, but they also disabled spotting. :slight_smile: