Option for disabling Intro?

Can we please get a setup-option to disable the intro. It’s nice and can be skipped but many if not most games revert to displaying the intro only on first start - and via a seperate button at will - Hope you bring us similar functionality to Phoenix Point


I second this. It takes way too long from launch to play having to wait on and skip through all of the intro crap. We get it, it’s made with Unity. I’ve seen that a dozen times now, I don’t need more reminding.

And the fact that it plays the Game’s intro every time too? Why? I see no point. Again, watched it already, I don’t need to be reminded of it every time I fire up the game.


And I want it to play each time. So some option would be nice.

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I’ll also agree to this and bump it up.

I also wanted to shut down the “Maticore flyes to mission” movie. It feels so unnecessary!


I wouldn’t mind an option for quicker or omitted animations for quick shot and rapid clearance.

Yep … you’re checkin’ your sights. Yep … the sights are still there. Can we shoot this crab, Oh, I don’t know … quickly or rapidly now? :slight_smile:

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There’s a mod that supposedly shuts down all the intros and flying vehicles… but I can’t get it to work or any of the other mods so… yeah - inbuilt option would be much better!!

Yes please, option to disable the intro movie!

ESC key works for me.