Touching up that intro video

I just started the game, and all is looking good. I just thought I’d drop a quick observation on the intro cut scene for the tutorial.

It’s just a bit jarring and thrown together in the last minute feeling, and would probably make sense just to chuck it and insert a errata’d story text.

“If you got this message, I’m probably dead” “But, good news! we’ve got this AI jeep coming to pick you up to take you to our base!” xD

I’d just scrap it and replace it with a tidbit about how a rag tag team of survivors located a pheonix facility to join…just anything really.

I just want to iterate that I’m not just trying to be a dick. I really think that it’d be an improvement to remove the cutscene, for the sake of 1st impressions.

But they are not just the team of survivors. Those are PP operatives waiting for their turn to act.

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hmmm…I feel like they could clarify that better though.
I feel that they went minimalist with it to just get you into the game, but I feel like it could’ve been told better. It’s like they just threw the “if you’re watching this, i’m dead” cliche and just started the game, which felt weak, considering how much more fleshed out it gets when you start doing story missions and interacting with factions.

Just a tiny nit, but it was pretty cringy.

Well I got the impression that the video was addressed to the staff of the Phoenix Project, so it looks logical to me.