MacOS X with E-GPU = Runs great vs PC!

Just wanted to chime in on the current version.
I did some quick and dirty tests between a desktop PC and a Mac Mini of pretty similar higher end specs and I was quite surprised to see the Mac version running as good if not better than the PC version. Well done dev team!

PC: Windows 10, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1070 TI, 7700 3,6 Ghz four cores i7, 1tb SSD
MAC: OSX 10.14, 32 GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 580 (Blackmagic E-GPU External card - TB3), 8700B 3,2 Ghz six cores i7, 1tb SSD

Graphics being the biggest bottleneck of both but OSX is also pretty known not to be that fun to play games on resulting in gamers needing to boot into windows to play games. This time it seems Mac users will be as happy as the Windows users.

Resolution 1920 x 1080 with “Fantastic” setting, full screen (4K ran sluggish on PC, can’t try on Mac due to missing 4K screen for now but the game looks and plays great in Full HD)

As I said, quick and dirty test, no FPS measurements yet etc. but as a full backer of this game it makes me happy to see the progress so far…

UPDATE Ok above ran great with a HDMI connected 28 inch screen at native 1920 x 1080 to the E-GPU. However I got the 5K UltraFine screen tested with the Mac setup and regardless of setting the screen’s resolution or the game’s resolution, it’s pretty choppy for now so still some work remains but I’m hopeful. Maybe this is why the devs recommends a Vega 64 card for now :wink:


You actually have a good computer sooo… good.

good work!