Odd Mind Controlled Enemies Are Ignored By Other Enemy Units

Since it may be by design, I am posting this here instead of the Bug Report section. When I mind-control an enemy unit, I usually use them to take the fight to the remaining enemy units. However, even if the mind-controlled unit attacks another enemy, they are totally ignored. Instead of dealing with the immediate threat, the enemy units concentrate on my units, destroying facilities and killing civilians. Just seems odd. Especially when my defenses (turrets, spider-bots, return fire, overwatch, etc.) always focuses on any of my units that is mind-controlled.

On a related note, why do turrets and spider-bots consider paralyzed enemy as still being targets?


It depends on how intelligent you think the Pandas are.

If a Siren MCs one of your squaddies, do you concentrate fire on bringing that Squaddie down? No. You concentrate fire on the Siren’s head in a desperate attempt to free the Squaddie from her control.

So if the Pandas are being run by a malevolent super-intelligence, it’s not odd at all that they ignore MC’d friends and concentrate on the people allied to the Mind Controller, because that’s exactly what we do.

If, on the other hand, the Pandas are simply dumb automata, then it is odd that they don’t target MC’d friends.

That said: I’ve seen it happen both ways. I think it’s triggered by distance to enemy - if a squaddie is within effective range of a Panda, it will target the squaddie in preference to an MC’d friendly. However, if the MC’d friendly is the only real target of opportunity, it will be taken down.

Actually, my most recent encounter was against the Forsaken. They did not go for my squad, just out to destroy their target. In this instance the MC’ed enemy was 1 tile away, had attacked the Forsaken via melee twice. Had it been one of my squad, I’m confident I would have been attacked. Just a blip in the AI that I find odd. In other cases it’s been Pandorans that have ignored an attacking MC’ed enemy. Again, no attempt to go after my units, just their main objective. Just not intuitive on the AI side. They just don’t see them as an enemy. I’ve tried using MC’ed enemy as means to draw them away from my units and their main objective. It’s just not worth the effort, other than removing an enemy from the current combat, since they are totally ignored.

I don’t find that strange at all. In their place, as MichaelIgnotus wrote, I’d act exactly the same way, focusing on the objective or the remaining Pandorans. Lore-wise I believe even the Arthrons retain a part of their human intelligence.

Ignoring ALWAYS MC troops is werid.
Every enemy ignore a MC unit, from the over-inteligent Scylla to de mindless worm, sometimes is frustrating.
But ignoring ALWAYS infiltrator clone is weridest :sweat_smile:

The “mindless” worm probably relies on other senses to detect Pandoran vs not Pandoran, otherwise they’d be exploding anytime they got near another worm.

Is that a thing now? I had to report a crash earlier this year caused by mindfraggers trying to jump clones. I’ve never had an issue so long as clones were in poor to no cover and the closest target.

I’ll try again, but the last time I use clone (post DLC) in front of two pandorans, they ignored it and one run in from of me (to revealed me) and the other fire me twice.
It was a little frustrating.
But maybe it was a bug or something and now works properlly, I’ll check again.