Mind Control Ended But Unit Is Still Enemy

Perhaps not a bug, but at least a nuisance. Just makes targeting by another unit that much messier. I would prefer to see the unit turned as a friendly.

While on the subject, shouldn’t the unit receive back its Action Points if mind control is ended. Otherwise they are still technically mind controlled.

I’d like them to be dazed rather than having either 0 or 4AP. So at least you can move them to somewhere safer (or shoot a pistol if the big loss of accuracy is OK).

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There’s in fact two control break cases:

  • Those that apply during your turn.
  • Those that apply during enemy turn.

When the control break is during your turn, it should apply instantly and if not it’s a bug.

I’m pretty sure that control break can be stopped during your turn, but is it always, I can’t say.

For example:

  • Kill a Siren stops control during your turn.
  • Blow up Siren head doesn’t stop control during your turn. It tend put Siren will at zero, then during next enemy turn the control will break.

That’s a feature, and you should better put care of your targets for example with mingfraggers. I admit that as allies won’t attack your soldiers controlled, nor turrets will do it, the aiming should put them at end of your aiming list.