NPCs Miss Acherons completely with all shots

In lair with NPCs and they can’t hit acherons at all. I guess they are aiming at their heads. All 3 NPCs missed with all shots on them, so 5 in total. I imagine the Devs tested this kind of thing before release?


They probably tested. But we don’t know if it isn’t desired behavior. Maybe devs want NPC factions to miss a lot just like with Chirons standing with their side to the same NPCs.

What level and class where the NPCs?

Devs tested and CC tested, and you are right, they miss a lot, because they aim to arms or head, I don’t know yet

even those fancy snipers from Synedrion will miss almost every shot

I posted my findings but… maybe it is intended or maybe not

I have seen NPC’s hit the Acheron. If you take a look at what body part is targeted when you auto-aim, it’s always one of those dangly bits. So, I agree that it is likely the auto-aim picking a bad target. The whole auto-aim system could use a little bit of work to make it pick better targets.

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Because auto aim isn’t targeting any body part specifically. It targets center of enemy. Acherons are designed in the way which prevents them to be hit with this aiming type.

But NPCs don’t use auto aim, and they choose at which body part they are aiming (when they have full enemy in line of sight, then it is usually body part with lower armor and less health). So for Acherons they probably aim at head - so as @etermes said it is likely to miss. Probably again Acheron is designed in this way, to trick NPCs aiming and cause massive misfires. So it may be on purpose and by design.

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Fun Tip: Don’t equip helmets on your soldiers and AI have the same problems against you.