NPC Factions attacking paralyzed enemies

I was just in a game where my ally NJ decided it was awesome to shot, thereby blowing up an acid myrmidon in the middle of 4 of my guys. Come on, fix this, please. This is ridiculous that there would be 4 enemies not paralyzed he could have shot at, but he decided his best move was to shoot a paralyzed enemy to kill 2 of my guys and cost me 400 mats in repairs on my other guys. NPC prioritization is a farce right now.

Bad enough they can’t hit the broad side of a barn, but to hit an enemy that killed a third of my team with all 4 shots? Come on.


Another issue with fully paralyzed units, is they continue to finish their full movement. This can end with them getting killed by OW’ing units.

The entire AI is a joke at this point.
I kill allied NPCs ASAP. There’s not much penalty and because I have a mod which drops armors and weapons from them.