Not sure what else to do?

I used the coupon today to buy the season pass.
I have the email and code etc, but the code won’t activate in the epic game store which is where I activated the base game code I bought a couple months back.

I contacted Xsolla support but they said oh here is your code. I told them I had the code and the problem was activation.
They responded by saying that they solved my issue and any other problems was game related there for not their problem.

So now I have a key that says its for a season pass but I can’t activate it because epic game store says I don’t meet the required prerequisites to add that game.

In the past I had no issues adding the base game when I bought it so no clue whay this is happening now:(

The code you have is for the release of the full game.
It won’t work with the backer build.

So we’ll get the base game key prob closer to release?

Than it will all work?

That’s my understanding. So just need to wait a few weeks.

keys for the base game will be going out on launch day, December 3rd. After you have activated the full game, you’ll be able to activate the Season Pass key