Game not starting

So I preordered Phoenix Point and at launch was able to play it with no problems. I have about 25 hours in the game. Tried to Launch it yesterday and was given an error message that the local and cloud saves did not match. (Playing thru Epic games store of course) I elected to use the local copy of the saved game data, the program launches (screen goes blank and cursor changes to the Phoenix Point cursor) and then nothing. I checked the forum and saw that there was some delays in the game lauching for some people so I started the game and went and had dinner. When I came back (about 30 mins later) nothing had changed. Still just the black screen with the Phoenix Point cursor. I then uninstalled the game, restarted my computer, then reinstalled the game on my SSD and relaunched it. Still getting the same problem. I have tried launching it from the desktop shortcut, from the Epic game store and directly from the game’s directory.
Any suggestions would be welcome.