Not feeling like this game (BB5) is respecting my time

I am aware this build is not representing the final product but want it to get of my chest regardless.

I get the feeling that I am longer waiting for animation to finish then playing the game.
a few examples.

not being able to select other units when giving my soldiers a ‘‘movement’’ order
now i am stuck watching a 20 second ladder climb.

Enemy turns taking forever in later stages of the game because of the number of enemies. I understand that you need to see what your opponent does. but 3 minutes for a cpu turn to end is a bit much in my opinion. not asking for reduction in enemies or the number of action they take. but I think things we can’t see\hear shouldnt be animated/should be instant

haven defense civvies running one at the time. i meant it could be all at once?

I just feel like i can do more things at once but the game wont let me do other things while the animations play out. and that nabs me a bit.

this is my 2 cents on what us is presented in BB5.

I kind of want to watch the aliens and a lot of time I miss what they did.

Agree with you on civilians. They can’t move all at once because of over-watch and stuff, but maybe have an option to speed up or skip civilian movement.

Due to LoS in the game, I think it would be impossible for them to have all the civvies running at once or skipping the movement altogether. Speeding up their movement might be a limitation of the current build and it not being optimized yet.

anything can be done, after game engine tweaks even we can move all enemies at once without those catched on overwatch. However its really hard write such code and might be even harder with paticle effects of broken windows etc… its gpu/cpu “expencive” even for 1 mob, and what if 10 will be need it go out from windows? :wink:

Look at x-com, of course you wouldnt be see it moving 10 mobs around at same time, they do that eventually in small groups for technical reasons.

There are plenty ways to solve this problem, we must be just patience what SSG will figure out.
We must just “push” them on this subject. That is all what we can do, and we should.

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