Non player movement turn speed improvement

Would love to see some quality of life improvements on player movement. Currently there is a lot of wait time:

  • Allow the player to move their units simultaneously (currently limited value since the maps are small). e.g. player moves a unit, while that unit is moving, allow the player to invoke a move command to another unit.
  • Allow NPC characters to move all at once or speed them up when they are not visible.

Currently I’m using Cheat Engine’s speed hack hot key to speed these parts up. When there are 8 or so NPC on a haven defense, it gets a bit long (especially since it happens every turn)


I completely agree with this

up vote!
annoying when you are looking for last alien hidden in a closet while you still have 10 civilians running around

I think that making it simultaneously can be difficult given mechanics involved in combat. But I suppose there could be an option to turn off animations and/or speed them up for ultra fast pace with a slider in options.