How specifically did we get better weapons?

So i’ve bought the pre access version this weekend and im getting very confunsed with how to manufacture better Guns and armor , i know that you have better weapons and armors by completing diplomacy missions and looting , but there is a way of manufacture?

Once you get to 50% with a faction, they will share some basic research with you. You still have to go in the appropriate tab in the “research” panel to launch them (they will be instant but it is to show you what you unlock). You will then be able to build whatever tech this faction has shared with you.
Once you get to 75%, they will share all research even the ones they are currently doing (so you can help by doing them yourself or let them do it and get it for free once they finished). That’s the point usually where you get to build their best weapons.

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OK Guys… I think I hit a wall…
anyone with Ragnarok or Mjolnir would like to share when/how (s)he get it? I cant progress with NJ, they are currently working on Hekate project, however their AI is a 286 without a Turbo :confused: