No more then 1 healing for a wounded soldier

Sometimes my comrades refuse to heal a wounded soldier more then once.
I think, this is a bug, since it sometimes work, sometimes not.

You have to check in the soldier’s info if the soldier has a lower total health cause of the injuries he got. I had the same problem and I realized that he was at the moment 140/140. The normal level was 180.

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Adding to “tout un homme” above. If your soldier has disabled parts, it lowers his “max health”.
Therefore, you can’t heal him to his original “max health”.

Isn’t that one time use of medkit per soldier per turn? If your soldier used medkit once this turn he can’t use another medkit again even if he has spare one in inventory. Or am I wrong?

It is not a bug, it is intended behaviour of medkits. You need second soldier with a medkit to do healing to the injured soldier.

@Yokes, there is no such restriction to one use per round.
I`ve clearly seen and used on soldiers 2 or more units of medkits.

But it might be, that I maxed the health on a soldier with disabled body parts.

If not, then it is obvious a bug.

Oh so restriction was removed in full release then. Sorry for misinformation.