Any way to edit Config File or Keys used?

Hello all, I’m French and using a Azerty keyboard. At the moment there is no way or I didn’t find one to edit the Keys used in game.
The ONLY prob is with Q used to rotate camera in place of A. The ZQSD thing is working nicely but Devs forget to change also the Camera Keys.
As in Tactical Fights we use a lot Camera movements I would love to see a way to correct this prob.
Thanks in advance is there is an answer to that. :wink:


Hi :slight_smile: i’m sorry but as far i can tell thei is no way to change key config ingame (nor with a text file edit either).

I’m french too, so for convenience i’ll finish in french, sorry for others ;p

Le seul moyen que je peu te proposer pour régler le soucis est d’ajouter une langue virtuelle au clavier, et jouer avec windows configuré pour un clavier anglais. (pas besoin de changer son clavier physique, c’est juste une option à changer)

Une fois un second clavier configuré, il suffit de presser ALT gauche + Maj pour passer d’un clavier français à anglais, c’est un moindre mal :slight_smile:

I think key binding are coming in the next patch.

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