Missed Steam Bonus Key Deadline

Gents -
Due to my work schedule I rarely go on the computer weekdays. I have made an error and let time slip by; missing the November 30 deadline to receive the Steam activation key; my mistake and inattention.
May I respectfully ask for your help in correcting this error?
I have played the original XCOM (1994) and all subsequent releases; and have enjoyed all enormously.
Phoenix point (with DLC) has not disappointed. I have ben playing PP for the past two months (weekends) and love it. Deeply appreciate the SnapShot Team’s efforts and attention to detail that has only improved gameplay and enjoyment. I do hope that this trend continues with further DLC’s.
I have, by responding to the activation key email, also submitted the above request to SnapShot Games.
Thank You for your help.

Hi MadSkunky! I have emailed my original Xsola receipt (4/7/2018) to you; it is the earliest email that I have.

Receipt #

Thank You, Sir, for your help.

Mac Linehan

MadSkunky – I forgot to mention that I would like a Steam Key, Please. I know that you Folks are very busy.

MadSkunky and the SnapShot Team -
Thank You for your kindness and immediate action in resolving this issue.
I am most grateful Gents.

P.S. - I love the game, period. Whatever needs to be changed or fixed will be; it is a very complicated product.

I’m not from snapshot, just one of the normal gamers here in forum. I only quoted an answer from a similar question :wink:

But glad to hear that it helps :slight_smile:


Greatful nonetheless!

Love the game. As a retired Marine, it is important that I help (through PP) to save the world…J

Thank You, Sir.