No Armadillo APC in squad

So after finally being able to get around to play some BB3 and watching a couple videos, I noticed that while I had a squad of 5 men, A sniper, A Heavy, A Techie and two generic AR people… The person I watched on Youtube (The Mighty Jingles) had the tank with him rather than one of the basic AR people… Was I just unlucky to not get one or is this some sort of bug or something.

Press and influencers got an earlier build than backers, which started with an Armadillo. We decided during testing that this made the missions a lot easier, so it was taken from the starting lineup and replaced with another assault.

You can build an Armadillo at a Phoenix Base for 400 resources, of if you get really lucky, you might find one.

Ah fair enough… Yeah I can see how starting with one would be pretty strong aha
Also another question if I may, Is there any way of like… Scrapping or getting rid of excess items back in base? Like some way to melt things down or whatever or is that not quite a thing yet? Currently got like 10 pistols all stocked up at base clogging up slots.

Yeah, and all the enemies were granade&melee. You tricked me. I thought I would have some slack in the early missions. And the first enemy I see, is shield+gun, my arch nemesis :frowning:

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The enemies are random. They all come from a nearby alien base. Each alien base has 1 random type of mutation.

What about lair? Does it have 3 mutations from merged nests? Or still one?

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Well, I am extremely unlucky then: in two games I launched, I got gun crabs in both!

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In the full game, will alien bases give more types of mutation? It’d get boring to fight just 1 enemy type +mindfraggers and maybe sentinels at a time…

You will have many alien types in a mission. Their 1 type of mutation from 1 base will be blessing. :wink:

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