BB5 Pet annoyances

Ok hate would be OTT but here’s the list in no order…

  1. Tritons firing a pistol on it’s side like a gangster from a straight to DVD bypassing Netflix movie. Add to this one of the bits of dialogue sounding like a pretty bad swear word as they fire. I have no problem with swearing in it’s place, but this just makes the alien sound like a cheapo gangster in that straight to DVD release. Actually this comes pretty close to hate. On a par with Forty McFortface.

  2. LOS marker. Sometimes this just gives totally wrong info, you move and there is no LOS. Also the fact that the LOS is weapon dependant. Different direct fire weapons, AR/PIstol/Sniper can sometimes not have an LOS to the alien from the same square. You can flick between the two and lose LOS. I imagine this has something to do with stepping to the side to take the shot but it’s aggravating at times.

  3. Phoenix bases. Not sure how random these are. But have a few hours into BB5 and have never found another base. Current play through, scanned all of Africa, majority of Europe and about 60% of Russia finding nothing. Means you end up flying all across the map trying to react and that gets a bit tedious without being able to set up a second team. I figured there might have been at least one per continent.

  4. How little gear the soldiers carry. They look like they are on a shooting range instead of actually out in the field carrying ammo and other gear. Just adding a backpack would have added a bit to the look and feel. Too late to change this probably, but maybe in a DLC? And can we get customisation at some point in said DLC so I can spot who’s who. Some people complained about this in Xcom, but it made life a lot easier telling different assault, for example, builds apart.

I had more, but the rest are mainly things that other people have already posted threads on so won’t add to those discussions here.

And if there is no LOS at something yet You managed to shot it game will lose mind and and You will lose access to UI.

It will be in december release.

Any idea where the info on customisation is. Wanted to have a read about what they intend.

#3 is a bit of a problem for me too.
Some playthroug you get an early base you dont know what to do with yet and in my last playthroug i scanned the americas, northpole, europe and russia / central asia without finding a 2nd base.
What makes this worse is that when off searching for a base you cannot defend local havens in any way.
I think we either need an alternative way to deploy troops, be able to build multiple hangars to get more then one aircraft per base or add some scout craft for exploration that cannot deploy as many troops but can find bases / allow for area scan.

on my first game I had 3 bases in euroasia.
on the second game, however, I got initial base in South America, already scanned NA and 2/3 of Asia and nothing

search for “customization” :smiley:

search for “cosmetic”

and here listen for next 30 seconds

all that indicate that full release will have all features (in this case also soldier customization).

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