Armadillo is "absent"

been playing the game then all sudden i watched youtube about backer build 3 and realized armadillo is part of the game.

i never got an armadillo. i got 6 man soldiers and now i am running repair to make sure i am not missing any files.

I will report back after repair is complete.


In Backer Build 3 you only start with 5 soldiers and no Armadillo. It’s actually quite powerful, which is why you don’t start with it. There is a chance to find one when you discover a new Phoenix Project base, or you can build one with 400 material resources.

Some of the people on YouTube were playing with an earlier press version which did include the Armadillo at the start.

thanks unstable voltage for clarification. of the starting roster, without armadillo.

but thinking back. i believe i erred on the number of soldier roster composition.