NJ Command Center

Wait time during mission enemy and freindly turn is extremely long here (not sure if it is simply due to the sheer amount of units or due to some other activities going on like spawning in)

Suggestions to streamline the mission:

  1. Shared line of sight so that at least friendly soldiers can be observed during their turn and make the wait time seem shorter
  2. No Will Power loss to Phoenix soldeirs when allies die (else the death of a few allied soldiers that the player doesnt even see spiral the team into panic mode - unless this is a clever trick to keep the player from using up the WP :slight_smile:
  3. Make the enemy attack in 2 waves: during my playthrough I barely entered the front door before the mission has ended (the driendlies have taken care of the enemies in hte building and behind or the enemy rushed forwards - likely both) By splitting enemy forces up in two waves, the player can defend the buulding from the inside and interact more with the set-pieces
  4. Optionall: Tobias West could be standing in a top office room and trigger an ability to lend +1-2 will pwoer to all human soldiers (if no mutation). If he is killed, the mission is over
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