Night time missions are too dark

I can see myself calling down some ridicule with a topic title like that, but serious I just couldn’t see what was going on.

I really like that night time missions are in the game, it’s a good way to mix things up, and I can appreciate that my squad shouldn’t be able to see things easily in those night time missions, but I couldn’t see what was happening either as the player, I was aiming at enemies and I wouldn’t have know what I was aiming at other than for the fact that whatever body part I was looking at when zoomed in would then start to glow in the dark. (Something which then turns the whole shooting experience into a slow mouse crawl around the screen to find the right body part)

Could we get a brightness control please?

As an idea linked to this, and I’ve not played into the game a great deal to see whether this is there, but will PP soldiers at some stage be given ways to overcome night blindness? I’m thinking flares, night scopes etc.

There is Night Vision perk. :wink:

That’s really odd to have as a perk, but not as equipment.

Maybe there is equipment but I haven’t found one with such functionality yet. :smiley: