Fog of war doesn't dissipate in lair missions

Didn’t find a topic about it, so sry if this is a double post.

When I try to explore in a lair, especially when I use the “run” ability, my soldier doesn’t reveal the map. It’s dark. Darkness. Death. Sadness. I need to do some actions to put the light on, but actions costs AP. It can be a problem when there are some crab people with machineguns, frog people with shotguns or muppets with apple pies.
Hopefully, we don’t encounter alot of muppets in this game. These things are dangerous.

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If you have a save file where this issue occurs, please load it and press the f12 key on the keyboard - there is an in-built bug reporting system in the game and this activates it. It’ll send the info to the devs to reproduce and analyse.

Just write in the included text box a description of the bug and about how you were able to activate light through use of the abilities.

Yep, next time I go in this dark cavern, I’ll send a black screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Have the same issue. Next time I come across it I’ll drop a report too.

I think camera is behind the “vision bubble” of my soldier. Caves are dark, so maybe the vision distance is shorter.
Just a theory :smiley: