[BB5] Seems darker, bad vision, need video adjustment options

Hey, I have damaged eyesight from my service. In most things I can cope, but I don’t know if it’s a global setting or the new terrain or what, but the graphics in the tactical maps seem darker with more shadows, which for me is making many of the regions into blur/smears. When I go to video controls, though, I don’t have any way to adjust contrast or other setting tweaks. Will there be some in the final product or should I plan ahead for some third-party graphics manipulations?

As far as I know there will be more options in the final game, though I don’t know what they will be.

Encountered another map today, a night ambush, where I had to survive 5 turns on a map I could scarcely see, and my monitor brightness and contrast are already turned up to max. I can make out the white markers and red health bars of enemies, and gray of buildings as opposed to black of ground, but can’t tell interior from exterior or see details on the buildings. I realize I have visual deficits but in every other AA game I’ve played I’ve been in at least the functional range. Can we get a way to get maps less dark? Does anyone know a console command to adjust map lighting so I can continue without employing a cheaty console command?

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Tried the “set lighting” command. Found if I set it to 100 my troopers become very distinct but the enemies disappear entirely except for their markers: all other settings made the map red and even less distinct. Guess I’m going to /win this one and move on.