Nexus Mods implementation

Does anyone else use the Nexus mods? I really liked the spill XP to skill mod and the scrap vehicles mod, but it seems the new patch has stopped them working.
Looks like the retrievable items mod still works though, unless the patch increased the drops. I’m hoping some of these things will be implemented by snapshot.

If people need help with any I might be able to assist, depends what code base the game uses I guess.

By the sounds of it, you re-ran the Injector after the patch, because you have at least one mod working?

Sheepy’s Modnix is wonderfully simple to use and will highlight any of your mods that aren’t working or had runtime errors when you last ran the game. Edited this post as I forgot that I deleted ‘spill XP…’ after the Leviathan patch updated the levelling system oopsie >_<

That might be part of the reason. I didn’t re-run the injector as I seemed to still be getting plenty more items than expected.
The scrap vehicles mod is now working, although the spill XP one hasn’t shown any gains. I’ll take a look at modnix.