Nexus Mods -and- Mod Loader V0.2 Compatibility

I have been patching the game with mods from the Nexus Mods community (to make the game a lot more playable) and everything was good…

… then the Mod Loader was upgraded from v0.1 to v0.2, stating that the mods themselves would all need to be upgraded as well to work with the new version…

… but of course many of the mods have not yet been upgraded.

So this post is just to gently nudge any writers of those mods who may be in this community, to consider updating their mods. Pretty please - there are quite a few nices ones there I would love to continue to use.

Well, I have updated mine, but it would have been great to offer backwards compatibility in ModLoader. It’s not like it was impossible. However it’s impossible for a modder to make mods compatible for both versions.

I’ve decided to go back to Mod Loader version 0.1 (ML-1) for now, because apart from your three mods (pantolomin) all the other ones are only available for ML-1. Just now I have managed to load the following 15 mods again, using ML-1:

(1) Retrievable Items (#8)
(2) Actors in Range Ability Fix (#9)
(3) No Ambush. No Nothing. (#12)
- I chose both the ‘No Ambush’ and ‘No Nothing Found’ options.
(4) UI Tweaks (Geoscape) (#13)
- I chose all four features.
(5) Enemy Alert Indicators (#14)
(6) Increased Power Fix (#15)
(7) Skip Intro (#17)
(8) Spill Exp to Skill (#19)
(9) Limited War (#24)
- I chose the “No War” option.
(10) Instant Production Time (#32)
(11) Skip Animations (#35)
(12) Customizable Game Tweaks (#36)
- I make numerous edits here.
(13) Full Mutations (#37)
(14) Raw Recruits (#39)
- I change all five property flags from false to true.
(15) Return Fire a-la-carte (#40)

Of course, I am not certain that all of them actually work yet (but I know quite a few of them do as I have been using them all along). I would love ML-2 compatible versions but until they come along, sticking with the old mod loader is the only viable option.

You abandon Ambush missions? They are great element of the game.

Ugh. No war? Again part of the game missing.

This is cheating in my opinion. Cap is there for a reason. Otherwise you can enter codes to increase stats to max and forget about that excessive xp.

Jesus. So additional manufacturing facilities become irrelevant.

Yes, that’s my current mod list.
I didn’t suggest others need to use it, they can use whatever they want.

I personally think this game is bugged badly and the difficulty spikes are insane - some of the edits I did in the JSON files have a far bigger impact on making the game easier than the relatively minor changes you pointed out chuckle.

People always have their own opinions - and that’s a good thing

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Fine. If difficulty spikes are the reason then I understand. :slight_smile:

Mostly the same as mine lol. Increased power fix has stopped working since the last patch, btw.

Retrievable Items mod has a bug. When infiltrator use Deploy Decoy skill, at the end of the turn decoy will drop a weapon as any other soldier/enemy. I got Raven sniper for free.

yes you can multiply any owned weapon in this way. But that is kind of cheating. Thay is why I don’t pick up such weapons or if they are looted then I scrap them.

Ofc it is cheating. I reported it as a bug on Nexus. Raven is still in my inventory but I don’t use it.

I didn’t want to answer to this in section with questions for devs to avoid spamming that topic, so I will do it here.
Ofc, I know why they did it, but imho it is not ok to be that way if there is no some lore behind it. I liked that part in old UFO games. Allowing us to have all drops, weapons and armor, and scrap them for resources would improve game economy which is imo one of the weakest points in game.

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