Bring back RF a la Carte

Hey @pantolomin, you still out there?
The latest patch has crashed your fantastic RF a la Carte.
Any chance you could take a look and see if you can fix it? It’s one of the 3 must-have mods I always install after every patch.

Hope all’s still well with you in these Interesting Times

SnapShot, made a MOD for their own game? I was not aware of that.
You should contact the authors at Nexus, instead of here. Because it’s a 3rd Party application, meant to alter the original game. :peace_symbol:

Yep, still all well.
I Did get the virus back in March with complete loss of taste and smell and difficulty breathing. Very strange but didn’t feel life threatening. Hope all’s well for you too.

I haven’t installed the game since, so I don’t have the Assembly.dll (or some name like it) to decompile and check the changes they made, and then test to see if it works.

If someone does and feels like forking my mod ( you have my blessing. This mod needed the complete rewrite of one big method (TacticalLevelController.GetReturnFireAbilities), which means that any change they did on it renders the mod incompatible.


Glad to hear you survived the Covid.

Shame you’re not still active on the mods. Maybe you’ll come back to it with the Steam release?
I may have to put up with the awful way they botched RF until then :confused:

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98.7% of the people do, ya know.