---Anybody there?

I’m just wondering whether there are still any Chaos players about on the forum?

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I’ve just been playing for the first time in years - working through the Tutorial.

I think I stopped playing at the time because I’d get to a point in the Realms where I just couldn’t progress. Maybe I was too much of a casual player - in online matches I kept coming up against other players who had staffs and maybe other stuff (can’t remember) that I didn’t know about and kept getting stuffed!

Players are fairly active in Chaos Reborns Discord server, Aka does an awesome job at running community run tournaments. https://discord.gg/ChaosReborn if you’re not already there!

Hey I just signed up. Is most of the activity on Discord then?

I have the same

Hey - good to see CR still getting some love, just seen MattyR streaming a realm, I had another go about 9 months ago but miss the old tourneys, will get on discord, we should have a Christmas tourney and get some old timers back involved as well as some new players, I miss the old tourneys we used to do :slight_smile:

I do own Chaos Reborn on Steam, but am here most for Phoenix Point :slight_smile: