New patch, or this is why we can't have nice things

So they brought out a patch for a game that was already ridiculously hard (in the late game), and made it even harder by nerfing all the abilities that made it bearable, whilst not nerfing any of the Pandoran difficulty spikes.

Good work devs.

Doubling the health of the spawnery and nerfing dash makes Lair missions now all but impossible.

I’m out.


Yes, this is how it reads, if true will have killed off the game for most people apart from sadists, which has me thinking there is more to this picture. I’m going to have to buck up the will to start a new game.

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Actually, I don’t think so. I’ve tried Clearance/Adrenaline combo after this patch for the first time and had no problem dashing to a group of armored 340 HP Arthrons with one soldier and clearing them all in one turn (3 Arthrons and a Mindfragger). At the end of the turn my soldier was standing with 4 AP and almost all WP regained.

Oh, come on! Spawnery now needs 3 shotgun shots instead of 2!


When there is a desired balance achieved. No doubt when designing skills devs had in mind how they expect those to contribute to gameplay. Ideally there would be many valid ways to build your units, and they all would be reasonably effective or useful in different situations.

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I think they have nerfed the Pandoran difficulty, they just didn’t tell anybody - not even UV.

Haven’t had time to try the new patches yet, but since I deliberately avoid playing without any of the cheeses (and am doing perfectly fine thanks), I doubt it will affect my playthrough that much.

That said, @UnstableVoltage, I do think the devs need to pay some attention to some of the reaction this is getting:

Does this sound like a bunch of players eager to see how the patches have improved the game? I think not. It sounds like a bunch of dispirited people who are slowly losing the will to live.

I’m not one of them - I’m still greatly enjoying this game - but then I’ve never encountered the difficulty spike, I suspect because I play this very differently to most people (if a Mission inflicts 50% casualties on me, I accept the 50% casualties - I don’t hit Restart and try again). For me this is a war of attrition, where managing casualties & resources with my ever dwindling pool of people is part of the challenge - and as I say, I don’t use Sniper RB, 100% Stealth, Infinte Jumps or chaining Dash combos on principle.

But even I am currently having to psyche myself up for yet another grind through a Lair Mission. I’ve yet to figure out how to beat it without using OP combos.

UV, I appreciate that you clearly weren’t told about the adjustment to the Difficulty Algorithm, but a friendly word to the wise: releasing only partial information which looks like PP has only nerfed the players’ crutches without addressing the underlying issues of why they are using those crutches in the first place is clearly not endearing PP to its core audience.

Just sayin’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can only speak for myself. But I’m a XCOM junkie. Been obsessed with all XCOM-y games ever since Terror From the Deep back in the 90s. Trust me I’m used to difficult games. And I went into Phoenix Point completely obsessed with it. Was all I played for weeks for many hours daily. Went to bed not being able to sleep as too busy thinking of strategies within strategies.

But the thing for me was firstly the save game corruptions (which have now been fixed) which was draining as it forced you to go through an entire mission without saving and trying not to lose anyone. The severe difficult spikes which hit more and more over time. And then thirdly you have the Pandoran Lair’s. I’d spend nearly an entire day on getting through one. That is ridiculous. It should not take an entire day to beat one mission. No other XCOM game had anything on that scale difficulty wise. You should not have to save scum to beat a game.

This game is too hard. The devs are complete masochists who only listen to the 1% hardcore gamers, and so only nerfed players when they should have been nerfing only the Pandoran’s, and I’m just over it. I’d sooner go back and play Firaxis’s XCOM’s or Microprose awesome original games over getting completely stuck in PP.


Hello, icemann!
Do you have a video of such a mission? I love Lair missions and lately I had been doing them in 5 about turns (with myself limiting Dash to 1 per turn, Rally to 1 per turn per team). Maybe I could somehow help you with advise on team composition or tactical approach?

No I’ve not played the game for a month roughly. I was doing streams when I started playing, but after a while just did them for the special missions only.

The problem with never nerfing anything is, you’ll end up with a non challenging dead game nobody is interested in. Not even you after cake walking for the umtheen time.

It was the first balance patch. Claiming they can’t stop just because you lost some crutches is quite bold.


I rest my case.


Spawnery - Hit points are nearly doubled. It was too easily destroyed on Lair missions

this, this alone makes it so I will not pick up the game again. Teh spawnery was already near impossible for me to get to with a full squad of 7s and cheese now it has more health and all ways to take it down are nerfed.

Well Can’t get anywhere in the game anyway, so might as well stop playing.


And the whole tactic of upgrading the stats of specific troops, in order to be able to reach the spawnery’s fast to destroy them quickly, rather than doing the slog of trying to get all of your troops there was a valid tactic. Instead it’s been looked on (judging purely from the patch notes) by the devs as a cheese tactic.

Well that’s just being unfair and only catering for a specific type of game. The hardcore.

Hell I’d definitely call myself a hardcore gamer as well. One who loves XCOM-y games. I’m just not THAT type of hardcore gamer.


TBH you can still reach spawnery with jetpack spam or Frenzy + 4xDash. You just can’t kill it on 1st turn.

Which means you have to hope you get a good roll and no enemies near it.


Which is fair. I’d just not want the dev’s to slip into the trap of having levels that can only be beaten one way.

If you look to Firaxis’s XCOM’s, those have skill point use + class and multi-class stuff, and all are valid paths to victory. And if you look at games like Deus Ex, they present the player with challenges that can be overcome via several different methods. That is good game design. Having only one way to beat it is not.

Also if the dev’s don’t want players “cheesing the game” then they shouldn’t have classes at all. Just have soldiers with stats that evolve over time as they gain combat experience, like in the original XCOM games.


Does one jump per turn really count as “spam”?

It’s rather easy for the heavy (or 2) to peel off and bypass enemies from the middle of the map where you usually run into serious opposition. I think I’ve done that once with a berserker + dash as well but Berzerkers can’t jump behind stalagmites etc.

Jetpack spam is about using one or two heavies with jetpacks and complimenting them with 5+ Assaults that use their +1AP skill. That way you can do 3 jumps in one turn.

My Lair rule #2 is: Don’t go to the center of the map! Go to the side. That way you shutdown one of the enemy respawn points on turn 3 or 4. And the other 2 points are so far away that reinforcements from them can’t reach you in any reasonable time.

Lair rule #1 is: Don’t try to shoot them all! :smile:

wtf is this update? been playing and having fun for 3 or 4 month why did they have to change the fun part ? ok can i go back to the version before?