LOL, sniper rageburst is an even bigger problem!

Before the patch the complaint was that RB sniper was OP because it could kill a queen on one turn. However, it was a complete waste of ammo to use it on much else, total overkill.
I would never waste 15 rounds on a siren.

But now a RB with a laser sniper rifle does 500-600 damage. Perfect for killing a siren and you can
RB 3 TIMES with a single magazine. That makes it more of an exploit than before really. It is efficient to RB more often!

The waste of ammo/overkill made something that deterred is use in most cases, now it has less down side, and snipers can afford the -50% penalty while heavies can’t.

It’s like they turned it into a sniper class skill, lol. The opposite of what they were going for.

I love it when a “fix” is worse than the problem it is meant to fix, lol.

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But wait, it gets better. RB cost 5 WP, 2 quick aims cost 6, and still won’t kill a siren.
But a new and improved RB will, and will give you your 5 willpower back for killing it!

This is going to be abused far more often than before, it’s now the best “Sniper Skill” in the game, lol.

Great fix, guys!


Siren was a bad target for RB, yes perhaps now it’s more coherent, but the 50% penalty is huge.

About using new RB twice without killing, it requires a big pool of WP, 16.

Once more, I’ll argue that dev should consider the no cap for global skill points use is the major source of problems to target before to nerf this or that.

The 50% aim penalty isn’t that bad for a sniper, it is terrible for a heavy whose skill it is thought.

16 will points for killing a queen in one turn and getting 5 points back is a fair trade, but for a siren it is less. You spend 8 points (3 for QA + 5 for RB) to kill the first siren, but you get 5 points back then do it again for the 2nd siren.

You can kill 2 sirens in 1 turn for only 6 WP, the same cost as 2 QA’s. The solider only needs a WP pool of 11.

And most people have more issues with sirens then queens. Queen stumble around like drunk knocking down wall most of the time, while siren are a real threat to some players. Not anymore.