Augmentations just reskinned mutations... MUTATIONS!

Please forgive my Subject 24 homage.

So I went away from the game for a few months and came back to check out the new updates and DLC.

I’m not sure what I was expecting really - it’s probably more a case of managing my own expectations… EXPECTATIONS! (there I go again - it’s become like a twitch now), but I was a bit disappointed to find that the new cybernetic augmentations are really just reskinned Anu mutations, by any other name. The system they operate on is really just the same perma-helmet premise.

The comparison with the mechs in XCOM:EW is inevitable; they felt like a new thing at the time - new 3D models, new animations, new slots, new weapons, new perk system. Ok, the 3D models here are new, but they’re on the same skeleton for animation, so they even move the same as normal soldiers.

Ok, so I’m comparing a £4 DLC to a £20 DLC - it’s unfair, but I expected a bit more.

On an semi-related note, from a game design perspective, I understand why the mechanism is the way it is, but narratively I find this idea jarring; having built a cybernetics lab/mutation hut/hot dog stand/whatever, which is two thousand miles away, simply by virtue of its geographically remote existence, you can, mid air, in transit, without so much as a ‘by your leave’, merrily pop off your head, and permanently replace it with a rather dubious looking bathroom bin. Or conjour a hotdog. Or whatever. This is another example of why I don’t really care about my dudes - they’re narratively unconvincing. At least in XCOM, after deciding to undergo traumatic, life-changing, body-transformational surgery, they were indisposed for a few days. These guys are like ‘New torso? Ah, walk it off’.

I wandered off topic there. Apologies… APOLOGIES!


Technically aren’t the same:
-Augmentations doesn’t cost mutagens.
-Augmentations require a special facility… that count as a laboratory for research.
-Augmentations must be repaired after missions
-Some augmentations can have attachments (AFAIK all head can have and some torso too)
-Augmentations give some extra endurace VS some kind of damage, but give you vulnerabilities.
And last but not less
-Augmentations are by default better that mutations, they give better stats and habilities (with some exceptions like priest heads).

I’m with you about the “time for transformation” and I hope it will change with future updates.

I understand that you (and some people) were expecting something completely diferent and became disapointed but as you say is a “cheap” DLC, new simple mechanics, some special mission and nothing more.
And, comparing to XCom 2 (game that I really Love) is still better than anarchy soldiers ofr example.


I like bionic augmentations, but those should be permanent, I can switch bionic parts if I want, when I want.

And the process should occur for soldiers in bases, not inside aircrafts or pre-missions.

From what I have seen I don’t agree that they are mechanically underwhelming (it is $5 addon) but overall I wish PP would do a better job in selling the theme - that’s its reoccurring problem from me, from lack of personnel on the base, to not being clear what we are as organisation (are we random survivors who stumbled upon PP base? Are remnants of PP of old who just now decide to do something?). I would welcome a bit of inconvenience if it would make for a more engaging experience overall.


for me, I’m fine with the mechanics of the DLC, but very puzzled about the plot of it. I mean, I do the missions for 24, and he gets angry? makes no sense. and there appears to be nothing to do in the end but take them all out. and you get nothing for taking out their final hideout, which makes me feel like I missed something, but I didn’t, so it just left me scratching my head.

Subject 24 (like the rest of the Pure) has some mental problems so is reasonable the sudden change.
The Pure are an enemy faction after all.

then why even have them giving missions to begin with? why not just have the other factions giving you missions to research them and then take them out? that would make a lot more sense.

Because that’s the best way to show how unstable are.
They show as a potencial ally but suddenly they became enemies.
In fact they show a similar behavior with the Maltusians.
The Pure are insane, their behavior doesn’t have to be coherent.

that’s… pretty lazy writing frankly.

I don’t agree that makes for a good plot at all.

Not gonna lie, I had the same reaction and it took a good deal of the wind out of my sails as well. Guess I had envisioned something a bit subtler, bionic eye enhancement a la LaForge in the Trek TNG movies, or a replaced arm Winter Soldier style. Six Million Dollar Man stuff rather than “ship upgrade cards” from the x-wing miniatures game.

After the fact it was so obvious it was always going to be a mutation mechanic reskin that I just about kicked myself for not realizing it. Still here though and still hyped about what’s to come. The game has mountains of untapped potential remaining.